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Having travelled for years for recreational or for professional reasons, we have visited a lot of tourist accommodation units all over Greece. Some they made us feel at home, others made us feel as "customers ", others left us incurious and others disappointed us because they could not deliver what was promised.

Therefore we believe that a basic factor for unforgettable holidays is the choice of accommodation, that corresponds to your needs and wishes and as such we created this site, where it is possible to find PRECISELY the accommodation you are looking for.

Another reason that makes special is that there are the unique offers that are made by tourist accommodation units specifically to you.

We would also like to hear your proposals and suggestions, so that our site can provide always the best solution for holiday accommodation in Greece.

We promise that we will continuously enrich the site with content and photographs of tourist accommodation units from all over Greece, as well as with proposals for amusement, shopping, etc in each region.